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About PMA Direct Marketing

The Company

We have an excellent team of professionals with 10 – 40 years of successful experience who simply know how to get the job done. Their experience greatly reduces production time and the potential for error. The PMA Team is responsive, helpful and easy to work with. You’ll get a collaborative partnering relationship that keeps you informed and helps you avoid obstacles that can stand in the way of an efficient and cost-effective process.

PMA has an extensive data processing center, digital black and white and full color presses, standard bindery machinery, plus full assembly and fulfillment department. We have built relationships with many wholesale printers, binderies, paper suppliers and specialty item manufacturers in order to meet the needs of our clients.

PMA stands behind its vendors 100% as if the products were produced right on our shop floor. Pro-Mail Associates Inc. was started back in 1983 by Leonard Thomas. He came to Seattle with a background in printing and sales. With an entrepreneurial spirit he started Pro-Mail in Ballard, close to Fisherman’s Terminal. Having connections in the financial industry FDMA, Financial Direct Marketing Association, was born to fulfill that market. As Pro-Mail grew and became more diverse they adopted the name PMA Direct Marketing because they were producing much more than just mail.

A Family Business

In the true fashion of family business, Lisa, Len’s daughter, started out spending the weekends cleaning the bathrooms and offices for her dad. There was also the occasional take home handwork project to do as well. A few years after graduating from high school Lisa came to work for PMA full time. Having a natural knack for computers and programming she started in the data processing department and has worked her way up.

A New Location

Now, 26 years later Lisa has taken over the business from her father, Len, to carry on the family tradition. After 25 years in the same Ballard location and with rents & construction going up all around that area, Lisa moved the company to the Kent valley. The new location is closer to PMA’s suppliers, vendors and employees. Lisa works on site daily at the Kent location keeping this a family owned and operated business.
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