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Data Processing is not a box of chocolates. Our experience ensures that you’ll always know what you’re getting.

We can merge, purge, append and cleanse data to help you find more customers. 

After 30+ years of success, fears and tears we learned that trust breeds trust, which in turn nurtures loyalty, confidence and consistent performance.

And, we know that with our brand of service, relationships will thrive!

Data Processing is the least tangible service we offer – yet it’s a very important aspect of Direct Marketing and Personalization. Accurate conversions, selections and segmentations … elimination of duplicates and DNM (do not mail) records … proper coding for tracking, analysis and fulfillment … maximization of postal discounts through C.A.S.S. / Postal Presort … and precise variable data prep all have a measurable effect on results and ROI.

Everyone is trying to set themselves apart from their competition.

You can do that through personalizing your marketing to the recipient. We can help you personalize your direct marketing piece from just a salutation to unique paragraphs to each and every person. If you can dream it PMA can help you create it.

Our Database Management Expertise

Our expertise in database design and database enhancement can help you prepare and develop a better A/B Split test with cells of 30 to 100 thousands names. We work with our clients on a wide range of marketing projects from customer acquisition and development to retention. We can also create “Win-Back” programs designed to reactivate customers and members who donate to your non-profit organization.

Lisa Brannon, MDP, President/Owner:

The scenarios are too many to mention, the key is to contact us as early in the process as possible. PMA Direct Marketing can help with preparation and planning from Mapping (by Zip Code), list acquisition, data entry, coding assignments, plus phone and email Append. We are frequently asked to include custom conversions, coding assignments, NCOA, DPV, LACS, merge/purge, dupe elimination and address standardization. When working with the US Postal Service, there area also many ways to reduce mailing costs, and this requires knowledge about CASS certification, carrier routing, postal presort and more!

As Certified MDP (Mailpiece Design Professionals) partners we also help guide your efforts

Whether you need single mail pieces or complete packages. we apply best practices for best results. This may include the piece itself or salutation creation, use of labels or digitized signature for personalization. After mailing, PMA Direct Marketing can also assist with response fulfillment, create reports, galley lists and do the tracking and analysis. We can make recommendations on how to create perpetual testing programs that will continue to optimize the “Control” in a progressive manner.

Call PMA today 253-867-5081 and experience what it is like to work with a company that is looking out for your best interest and your bottom line. You can also email us at
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