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Do you know marketing campaigns that incorporate direct mail gain better results? We do.

Set your company apart from — and above — your competition by including mail in your multichannel outreach to get attention, drive digital engagement and a greater return on your outbound efforts.

PMA Direct Marketing is a trusted partner in engineering, handling, verifying, and executing a successful direct mail strategy. Supply your data, design elements and desired results to us, and we take care of the rest. Our trusted, confidential systems manage, protect and apply data to a variety of solutions, from simple addressing and maximizing postal discounts to complex data-driven marketing campaigns that speak directly to each stakeholder.

We are Certified Mailpiece Design Professionals (MDP). Did you know those exist? 

PMA Direct Marketing professionals are partners in getting your direct mail efficiently and effectively to the intended recipient. We capitalize on many ways to reduce mailing costs, and we can assist with response fulfillment, report creation, tracking and analysis. We focus on helping you build relationships and keep them.

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